Reminiscences of Service Personnel who worked at BCGH and a patients memories.


The following pages provide reminiscences of personal service at the British Commonwealth General Hospital, Kure, Japan. They come predominantly from former Royal Army Medical Corps servicemen as I was initially looking for detail about the hospital (see page 2 - INTRODUCTION). However Joyce Blair (page 23) wrote to me and I was so taken by what she had recorded that I felt it important to enclose some of her memories. In speaking to Sam Mercer (page24), on one occasion, I thought he had a few nice words to say about the hospital as he ‘passed through’ on his way home from a POW camp in North Korea and I include these with pleasure.

Page numbers

 10 and 11 Syd Francis RAMC
 12,13 and 14 Christopher Stupples RAMC
 15 John Glynn RAMC
 16 Geoff Archer RAMC
 17 Sam Budd RAMC
 18 Bernard Taylor RAMC
 19 James Kay RAMC
 20 and 21 Ken Hodge RAMC
 22 Mrs Jill McNair QARANC
 23 Joyce Blair NAAFI
 24 Sam Mercer Gloucestershire Regiment
 25 Closing comments