In conclusion, the Authors closing comments.

Closing Comments

I have enjoyed putting this article together and thank all contributors for the time and effort that they given.

I was most pleased that the RAMC Museum and Archives have accepted this document as a record detailing some of the daily activities at BCGH.

It is my intention to eventually have a WEB Page for this article and you can see this has been achieved as you are now viewing it!

I shall send a copy of this article to all contributors and will be pleased to receive any additional memories, or information, of Britcom General Hospital to ‘add in’ at a future date.

When typing the text into my computer I became aware of a number of points: -
• Much of the service of those who contributed to this article over lapped each other
• Six of the present contributors, Christopher Stupples, John Glynn, Geoff Archer, Jill McNair, Ken Hodge and myself were all working at BCGH in the month of September 1953.
• You will notice from the personal memories of John Glynn, Geoff Archer and Ken Hodge that they shared either a common experience or knew the same RAMC lads.
• We all ‘grew up’ very quickly during this experience far more so than if we had been in ‘Civvy Street’.

I hope you have found the above memories interesting and perhaps you have experienced the same feeling of comradeship that I did when putting this article together.

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David Oates