Ken's experiences concluded.

Ken Hodge, continued.

Officer, who decided their treatment, care and dispatch. Taking charge of the
situation, at only nineteen years of age was very character building. As you never knew what to expect I was often frightened but you had to get on with it! On one occasion I collected an USA civilian from the docks who had his head smashed in with a monkey wrench (see John Glynn's memories on this point, page 15). Every case I went to was serious – nothing trivial. When you first start the job, inexperienced and no back up, it proves a steep learning curve!

To finish just a few names that I recall. Cpl Paddy Cherry (nurse) the only one to get the Queen’s medal on coronation day in June 1953 and Cpl Paul Fishwick hygienist from Lancs (see Geoff Archer’s memories page 16 on these names!). Also, Cpl Reading and Cpl Porter both on ward 19, Cpl Hudson medevac records clerk, L/Cpl Jaffray pay clerk, and a good friend mine Cpl Parkinson from London.

Editor's note.

Regretably Ken died late on the evening of 9th February 2006 after a short illness. I was very fortunate to have visited Ken during those last few days when we were able to exchange a few words relating to those far off days in 1953.