Reason for writing the article.


I was enlisted for National Service, in the Royal Army Medical Corps, in February 1952. Following my three months basic training at Keogh Barracks and Crookham Barracks I was posted to Tidworth Military Hospital, on Salisbury Plain. Then in November 1952 I was posted to service in the Korean War. I returned to the United Kingdom in February 1954 and was transferred to Territorial Army Service for a three-year period.

In 1995 I wrote an article of my experiences of serving at the British Commonwealth General Hospital, Kure, Japan. I was keen to expand this article to give a more detailed account of the hospital including, personnel, treatment, care and daily living issues for the patients and staff. Unfortunately I was unable to gain this information from such sources as the RAMC Museum and Archives.

Consequently I contacted a number of people who had served in either the RAMC or QARANC and were stationed at BCGH. The response was good but the amount of precise detail received was limited (I really had left it far too late), however, a number had good recall and reminiscences. These contributions I have used to develop the previously written article, in which I recount (as best I can) my personal experiences as an Operating Theatre Technician, at Britcom General Hospital and also include many of the memories sent to me (for which I am most grateful).

Why have I done this? I think there are three basic reasons: -

• Firstly, because I had a personal need and desire to do so and I was always keen to expand my original article.

• Secondly, as a reminder to readers of those men who suffered mentally or physically from their, often, horrendous injuries or experiences during the Korean War. For some of them their scars are permanent. Also the part played by the medical services in the care and treatment of casualties.

• Lastly as a document for the RAMC Museum and Archives which has been accepted. Perhaps there is also a place for this article on the ‘World Wide Web’, to my knowledge there is little or no information on the Internet relating to the British Commonwealth General Hospital.