Bernard's experiences at BCGH.

Bernard Taylor

RAMC. BCGH January 1953 to June 1953.

My memory is not what it used to be, but here goes. I was at Kure for six months from January 1953. Our Barracks, a short walk from the hospital, was shared with Australian and New Zealand troops. It was all rather basic.

I remember we moved to a camp right on the coast, I think it was purpose built. It was beautiful there; you could spit into the sea from your window. We used to fish in the sea and swim out to the fishermen. I also walked in the hills around the camp.

I spent ten days on a ward in BCGH, as a patient, with laryngitis whilst there I experienced an earth tremor but it was all over in seconds.

At the hospital I worked on the general wards, on the second floor. I also spent sometime working on the VD and accident wards and would help in the transfer of patients from the hospital train to the hospital. I think there were about 20 patients on a ward. QARANC Sister was in charge. I donít recall anything about treatments or meals. I do remember the hospital swimming pool; I would spend time there. One half of the pool was for officers and the other half for other ranks.

I can remember that when I walked up to the hospital from the camp I passed ANZAC Park named after an Australian battle.

Bernard Taylor