Sam's experiences at BCGH

Sam Budd

RAMC. BCGH and Korea, August 1955 to 1956.

My knowledge of the Britcom General Hospital and Kure is very limited. On arrival at BCGH I was selected to join a boxing team by Major MacGara. I also joined a team that was being put together, consisting of one officer (Lt Wood, doctor) and twelve NCO’s. This team spent several weeks in training, learning operating theatre procedures, prior to being posted to the Evacuation Hospital in Korea. This Unit was about 20 miles from Seoul and under the command of Col D A Jacobs, USA forces. As this was an American base we were given an extra weekly allowance to bring our pay up to that of the Americans. Approximately 3,000 USA troops were at the base. Nearest British base was at Pusan. We had complete autonomy from all other forces including the British Military Police!

I took Rest and Relaxation at Miyajima.

I cannot recall many names, in addition to those above, except Pte Owen who worked with me in BCGH and Korea.

Sam Budd