Christopher's experiences concluded.

Christopher W Stupples continued

I often witnessed the ceremonies at the Shinto Shrine just at the back of BCGH. They were very colourful and it was interesting to see the local people in a different guise.

In conclusion, and briefly, I remember the Gate Guards (who saluted us in Scout
uniform); the NAFFI at the bottom of the hill (for the egg and chips and the helpful
WRVS ladies); my first foray into hockey (on the playing fields below the hospital against a visiting naval side we got thrashed); trips to the red light area with my boss and the vice squad to see the real results of long term venereal diseases (very enlightening); Kure as a town and its railway station where we set off for journeys to Tokyo; the two very short trips to Seoul and Inchon via the nearby US air base and a local side street restaurant where the steaks were thick and tender and from where an order would be delivered to the hospital on night duty.

Note by David Oates.
The barracks at Tenno were vacated, by the RAMC and RCAMC, and returned to the Japanese on 15th December 1954. The site now has some houses and a bridge across the Kure railway line and Route 31 (Note5).